We believe in blockchain innovations will redefine the future of human society. Fundamental Labs is dedicated to supporting the most promising entrepreneurs to accelerate fundamental innovations, mass adoption of blockchain technology, and creating value for a better digital society.

With extensive business coverage, from Asia, Europe to North America, Fundamental Labs have regional headquarters and competent local teams to help us connect with a number of promising projects globally.

Fundamental Labs backs multi-stage crypto companies with as little as $500K and as much as $50M+. In addition to capital, we take a deeply empowering approach to help our portfolios to reach their full potential.

Fundamental Labs's investments covered a number of areas like Layer 1/2 protocols, Web 3, finance infrastructure, DeFi, etc. We commit ourselves to working alongside our portfolio teams consistently to achieve great success. Our portfolios included more than 300 projects like Coinbase, Cannan, Polkadot, Vechain, Binance Coin, Blockstack, Avalanche, Near, PlatON, Mask, etc.

Investment Theory

Dare To Believe

We choose to believe what only a few dare to believe. To be the first believer of the entrepreneurs means tremendous to them and brings an extraordinarily unique partnership between us. We believe because we see the potential, and we don't have a bias against alternative possibilities. Always keeping independent thinking and profound thinking, it makes our mindset prepared for the next big transformation.

Insightful Partner

What we contribute most is not the capital but our insights. We try to help the founders, not in their business or technological details, but the framework and the long-term strategy. We build mutual trust because we obtain in-depth understandings and share our thoughts unconditionally. We are spiritually connected, sharing our visions and intelligence.

Leverage Our Network

Our portfolios build a vast network for us in the whole ecosystem. We leverage our network with their support. We believe that partnership lasts longer than capital connection. The value of our portfolio network is one of our greatest assets.

Respect Different Opinions

We are humble in listening and respect different opinions. We are determined but never be autocratic. The voice of the juniors in our team is equally treated with that of our partners. We never exclude critical thinking and unsystematic comments.

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