Team Introduction

Atlas Mining has recruited more than 100 formal employees globally, and we have offices in 6 countries and regions around the world.

The management team comes from the leading institutions in the blockchain field, leading traditional financial institutions, large energy groups, and high-end manufacturing enterprises.

Our team has rich experience in multiple industries and is still expanding rapidly.

Business Advantages

At present, we have established close cooperation with industry leading equipment suppliers and have become one of the major customers.

We established long-term cooperation with global large data centers to ensure stable power supply and with industry leading financial institutions to explore the intersection of industry and finance.

ASIC Mining

Atlas Mining offers a broad range of value-added services including ASIC mining, high-performance computing, hosting, and cloud services.So Far,Atlas Mining has become One of the largest leading Company in ASIC mining and High performance computing,the business covers Six countries and regions in North America, Northern Europe and Central Asia.Atlas Mining has set up a global headquarters in Singapore, with regional centers in Hong Kong, Austin, Toronto and more,and has recruited more than 100 employees worldwide.

High-Performance Computing

Accelerated infrastructure built for advanced workloads and data-intensive challenges.

Hosting Services

Providing unrivaled hosting experience, delivering superior uptime & 24/7 access

Cloud Services

Atlas Mining offers open and secure cloud services for business with a next-generation hybrid cloud platform, advanced data and AI capabilities