CTH Featured AI X Blockchain at PRIORITY HK Summit

On Dec 7-8, 2023, Raymond Yuan, our own Founder and Chaiman of CTH Group, and Dr. Guang Yang, Vice Chairman of the CTH Group and Atlas Technology, participated in the first PRIORITY Hong Kong summit hosted by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX), and the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute.

This year’s PRIORITY Hong Kong encompassed insightful discussions under the theme "Megatrends Shaping Humanity". Critical conversations around the impact of technology, AI, and investment in diverse markets exemplified a shared conviction that purposeful markets and businesses can work in tandem for an impact on humanity.

On “AI & Blockchain” panel, our own Founder and Chairman of CTH Group Raymond Yuan discussed with Yi Bao, Chairman of Cedarlake Capital, on how businesses can leverage AI’s capabilities with the powerful blockchain’s efficiency. Raymond Yuan illustrated that the transformative impact blockchain and AI will have on advancements in critical sectors.

On “Financial Innovation” panel, Dr. Guang Yang talked about leveraging innovation and resilience to thrive in the next era of global markets with global leaders. He shared insights on the transformative power of blockchain in reshaping financial systems.

FII PRIORITY is a program powered by FII Institute, consisting of summits, initiatives, and resolutions anchored by the Institute’s FII PRIORITY Compass, focused on humanity’s priorities, concerns, and hopes. The summit is designed to deliver impactful change by transforming ideas into tangible solutions.