Atlas Technology Group Becomes Long-Term Node Host for peaq

The partnership with Atlas will support projects and dApps choosing to build in the peaq ecosystem

Jun 17, 2022, SingaporeAtlas Technology Group, a Business-to-Protocol innovator providing a full suite of infrastructure to all protocols building the Web3 ecosystem, will begin a long-term partnership with peaq, the Web3 network powering the Economy of Things (EoT) . Atlas will host peaq nodes to support peaq’s network and ecosystem, driving the emergence of the Economy of Things. Atlas will also be actively involved in staking, data storage, API support and supplying projects in the peaq ecosystem with required resources for development.

Raymond Yuan, Atlas Founder and Chairman, said: “peaq’s projects are engaging with the real world in ways that are unique to the current Web3 space. peaq is leading the charge into the Economy of Things, and Atlas is supporting that charge. We believe that this is the perfect opportunity to partner with an organization that is idealistic but has its feet on the ground, harnessing the technology of today for the communities of the future. The infrastructure we are providing to peaq will enable this continued expansion of the EoT. ”

Atlas offers a broad range of value-added services, including application specific computing, node infrastructure, networking, hardware, API support and storage to drive and maintain the Web3 ecosystem. Atlas is committed to becoming a global leading next-generation computing infrastructure provider that advocates sustainable growth, green energy adoption, power usage efficiency and stability to drive the Web3 evolution. It has committed to adopt 100% green energy to power its computing operations by 2024.

Till Wendler, Co-founder of peaq, said: “Supporting developers is central to peaq’s mission: benefiting communities from advancements in technology and automation without exception. From this partnership with Atlas, the peaq ecosystem can expect extraordinary support, security and engagement. Atlas is selective in choosing partner projects, so we are grateful that our vision for the future of human-machine relationships has resonated with an industry titan such as Atlas.”

peaq’s network enables people to build decentralized applications (dApps) for vehicles, robots and devices, and allows anybody to own a stake in the Economy of Things, also known as the Web3 machine economy. This means that as machines become more advanced and do more and more of the work we humans do, people will be able to generate more income and derive more value from machines. Additionally, anyone can become a node host for peaq. As one of the youngest projects supported by Atlas, peaq stands alongside industry-defining projects such as Solana, Ethereum, Cosmos, Tezos and Avalanche. Atlas’ partnership with peaq will position it at the forefront of the emerging Web3 machine economy ecosystem.